Fusion Repeater – Off Air

May 14, 2017 – Last last week, the Fusion repeater suffered a glitch and whenever someone starts using one of the digital modes, the repeater gets hung in transmit mode and cannot be remotely controlled or used for communications.  The repeater is currently OFF.  Sometime this week, the analog repeater will be swapped in for the Fusion repeater.  Hopefully, a software update will solve the problem.

Site to be RE-engineered

January 2016.  After a thorough site inspection, we are re-engineering the site to accommodate 2 antennas with both vertical and horizontal dispersion and use hardline instead of 9913 coax to isolate transmit from receive and still be good RF neighbors to the other UHF operations at the hospital. Mounting hardware and a new UHF antenna are still being procured. When obtained, and when the winter weather breaks, we’ll make the modifications and hopefully have the Fusion system on the air early this spring (2016). This will be the only Fusion system serving the Leavenworth-Lansing-Fort Leavenworth area.

JARA Call Sign now W0ROO

December 2015.  As of Christmas Day 2015, JARA now has the callsign W0ROO, a club station call in memoriam of Mac and with the permission of Evelyn McConnell.  We are proud to have Mac’s callsign back on the repeater.  Thanks for KB0SCK-Lindsey and WA0SRS-Steve for their support with the repeater maintenance and update.

Digital Repeater Arrived

November 2015.  JARA is in possession of a YAESU DR-1 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater.  We attempted to replace the iCom repeater but had a de-sensing issue with the receiver.  We are in the process of re-engineering the site

Welcome to JARA

Robert “Mac” B. McConnell, WØROO SK

Robert “Mac” McConnell, WØROO, would always sign off from “Lake Jarbalo”.  There is a Jarbalo, Kansas; a postage stamp size town near the bottoms of the frequently flooded Stranger Creek.  When the creek is high, it literally looks like a lake in some places.  Mac had a friendly voice, a great mentor, and a fun-loving radio operator.

Mac – WØROO in his “Mad Scientist” pose.

In his honor, we are carrying on the Jarbalo Amateur Radio Association (JARA) and keeping the UHF Repeater operating that long bore his callsign.

As of July 2015, the repeater is operating atop Saint John Hospital in Leavenworth, Kansas.  Specifics can be read on Repeater Book.  Here is a synopsis:

Frequencies: 444.800+  PL: 151.4 Hz
Power: 35 watts
Call: W0ROO/R
Radio: Yaesu DR-2X C4FM “Fusion” Repeater

FM Net: Join us each Sunday evening at 7 pm Central for the weekly JARA UHF Equipment test net in association with the Pilot Knob Amateur Radio Club, Leavenworth County ARES, RACES, and KC Heart.

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