JARA Room Established

The WØROO repeater is now connected to a newly established JARA room (DTMF 46775). You can no longer connect directly to the repeater. The Repeater is connected by default to the JARA Room so it will not accept any other connections.

If connecting via Wires-X via 444.800+ DN, you will notice the repeater (a.k.a LEAVNWORTH) is already connected to the JARA room. Everyone who connects to the repeater can activate Wires-X but check on-the-air before taking the repeater out of the JARA room. You can connect anywhere you like, but as a courtesy, please put the repeater back into the JARA room when finished. If you forget, the repeater will automatically return to the JARA room after 30 minutes.

If connecting via Wires-X over the Internet, you will be connected to the JARA room and, unless the repeater has been connected elsewhere, you’ll be able to talk with everyone else connected to the JARA room including anyone listening over-the-air. If someone over-the-air moves the repeater to another room, you will still be connected to the JARA room and anyone else still connected to the JARA room.

Wires-X Help Notes Posted

Want to use Wires-X but can’t remember how? Check out our Wires-X Instruction page for quickie instructions. We will continue to add helpful notes as we continue to experiment and play with Fusion. If you run across helpful hints that may make our Fusion lives easier, please feel free to send them to us via our Contact page.

New Net Format

Starting with the Sunday Evening UHF Net on Sunday, June 7, 2020, we will be in C4FM (Fusion) mode.  The repeater will remain in Automatic Mode Select (AMS), meaning that the repeater will transmit in the sme mode it received.  If you have traffic and need to use the net, you may transmit in FM and Net Control wll respond in FM and pick up your traffic.

For digital-capable stations, please use DN voice mode when checking in. This allows your radio to transmit your meta data, such as callsign and location.

The purpose of going to C4FM is two-fold:
    + To experiment with and become proficient with C4FM capabilities
    + To reduce the 4 Leavenworth FM nets to 3 each week

Wires-X Use Encouraged

The JARA repeater is connected to the Kansas City Room via Wires-X node. You are welcome and encouraged to engage Wires-X mode on our repeater and connect to other parts of the world. After 20 minutes of local inactivity, the repeater will automatically revert back to the Kansas City Room.

To engage Wires-X, your radio must be in either DN or VW voice mode. Identify yourself and say that you are “connecting to the Leavenworth Repeater via Wires-X”. This will alert any local operators that you are about to take the repeater for a spin. It will also alert the other 9 or so repeaters in the room that you are about to take the Leavenworth repeater temporarily out of the network.

Arrow points to the DX button.

After your announcement, press and hold the DX button on your radio until you get a beep. In a short time, you’ll get the Wires-X connection screen. If you’ve never used Wires-X, navigate to Search All. At that point, you’ll get a listing of all available nodes, rooms and users available. Select one and you are connected to that entity. To abandon that connection, go back to search and select another.

Try all the features of Wires-X, including voicemail, picture transfer, and messaging. Then, join us on our weekly JARA net at 7 PM Central on 444.800+ (151.4) and tell us about your experience.

Note: Other Kansas City Room repeater operators prefer that you not use Wires-X to change any settings on their repeaters. So, please make sure you’re on the Leavenworth repeater before using Wires-X features. 73 de Rick, NJØP

Logo Introduced

Dave (KØAVN) noticed that we didn’t have an official JARA logo and has offered one for our consideration. Originated on October 24th, Dave provided the “L” logo so our first chance to look at it and get everyone’s thumbs up on the October 27th UHF Net.

The logo would be used on the web site and any official JARA correspondence. Granted, we don’t produce much correspondence, so the most likely re-appearance will be on the annual meeting documents.

Thanks, Dave.

You’re Connected!!!

As of January 30, 2019, the repeater has been connected by external node to the Kansas City Room. If you use the repeater in either digital voice mode (DN or VW), you will actually be talking through 5 repeaters and 3 nodes in the Kansas City metro area.


Additionally, you can use Wires-X in the same digital voice modes. By using Wires-X, you can control how the repeater is connected within the Yaesu server. You can select any node or room you want to be connected to. All we ask is that you connect the repeater back to the Kansas City room (DTMF 28952) when you are done.

The repeater remains in Automatic Mode Select. When using analog FM, the repeater functions only for local use, as usual. Only the digital voice goes through the node.

Join us Sunday evenings at 7 pm local for all the latest updates.

Goin’ Digital

Starting Thursday, July 12th, and every Thursday evening through July and August, we will be conducting an informal digital net so you can test your Fusion equipment.  We’ll start the net immediately after the ARES net (approx 8:00 pm) and start in FM mode.

The idea of the net is to use the digital mode and explore all it can do for us.  We’ll start slow and only proceed when all net participants are ready.  NCS will be Rick NJØP unless others would like to try their hand at it.

Out Sunday nets continue as normal in FM and include the ARRL Audio News, when available.

JARA Annual Meeting

As required by our bylaws, we conducted an annual meeting of the Jarbalo Amateur Radio Association (JARA) at 6:00 pm Central time, Saturday, June 23, 2018 in the gazebo in Veterans Administration Park, Leavenworth, Kansas.

In a very short meeting over bbq sandwiches, we elected officers, approved the trustee’s report, and concluded the meeting before the bbq was cold. Evelyn McConnell joined us for the festivities and provided the photos of Mac we now have on our site.


Repeater Gets Second Antenna

NEWS UPDATE! As of June 2nd, the WØROO repeater has a new configuration. There is a separate receive antenna which is filtered (half of the duplexer) and mounted on the St. John Hospital tower. The TX and RX finally do not share any coax. We had one late check in from Lawrence! That is our best distance so far. Please check out the WØROO Repeater on 444.800+ (151.4 Hz tone or Fusion). Note!!! When I reset the repeater, the squelch tail was set to Ø. If you kerchunk the repeater, you will likely not hear anything until the repeater IDs. Please give your callsign and location anyway. Thanks to Neal Long who assisted with the new antenna field test and installation at the hospital. 73 de Rick, NJØP

Yaesu Fusion DR-2X is On-the-Air

As of this afternoon, Sunday, April 8, 2018, the new Yaesu Fusion DR-2X is on the the air.  It was a 1:1 swap with the old analog iCom repeater.  The new repeater is set at the maximum 50 watts compared to the old at 35 watts.

Yaesu DR-2X Fusion Repeater

The mode is AMS which stands for Automatic Mode Select.  If you transmit on 444.900 using FM and a 151.4 Hz tone, the repeater will retransmit your signals on 444.800 using FM and a 151.4 Hz tone.  If you use one of the Yaesu Fusion digital modes, your signal will be retransmitted in that same mode.

The net on Sunday evening following the install resulted in mixed reviews.  In many places where previously there had been no issues, signals were now bad or non-existent.  Some stations could not check in from places where the old repeater seemed to have full coverage.

We’ll continue to run the repeater as-is until the next maintenance window which will be after this coming weekend.  If you are unable to use the repeater when in the Lansing – Leavenworth – Fort Leavenworth footprint, please drop us a line by filling out the Comment card.