Wires-X Instructions

Connecting to a Room or Node
– Set your radio to C4FM DN mode.
– Announce your intentions: “This is <callsign> activating Wires-X.”
– Activate Wires-X by holding the DX button until your radio beeps.
– You can then see if the node is already connected to another node or room.
– If not connected, feel free to search and connect as desired.

Finding A Room
– Connect to the repeater via Wires-X
– Search All
– Rooms will be displayed in descending order from most-to-least popular
Via Internet
– Surf to https://www.yaesu.com/
– Click the Wires-X box on the left-side navigation pane
– On the Wires-X page Click Wires-X ID List
– Click Wires-X Active ID List
– Click Active Room ID List << Direct link to list
– Search or sort to suit

Disconnecting from a Room or Node
– While in Wires-X and while the frequency is quiet:
   Press and hold the microphone * (star) key until the radio sends the disconnect command.
– Your screen should verify the node is no longer connected.
– Disconnect from Wires- to keep from reconnecting when you key up again.

Disconnecting from Wires-X
– Press and hold the DX button until your radio acknolwedges it is no longer in Wires-X mode.

Connecting from a Remote Location via PDN
– To utilize the Personal Data Node (PDN) function of your FT2dr or FT3dr you must have the Wires-X software installed on your computer and have received a personal node number from Yaesu’s Wires-X Registration site.  
– Connect the HT to your computer with the SCU-19 cable. The appropriate drivers fort the cable can be downloaded from the Yaesu website
– Activate Wires-X by:
– Turn FT2DR of FT3DR off.
– Enter PDN mode by holding the “BAND” and “X” button while pushing the power button. This will bring you into the PDN mode. (NOTE: in order to exit the mode, the user must turn off the radio, the turn it back on while again holding the “BAND” and “X” buttons while pressing the power button.) 
– Open the Wires-X software on your computer. Once in the Wires-X software, press the “X” on your 2dr/3dr and it will connect you automatically to a room (most likely your last Wires-X room you connected to when you were using a repeater).
– Go to the top of the Wires-X page on your computer and press on the “Connect(C)” label. It will drop down a selection of “Connect To(T)”. Select the “Connect To(T)” and a window will pop up where you will enter the JARA Room number. Type in the number 46775 and hit “ok” and it will connect you to the JARA Room and the Leavenworth (WØROO) repeater. Your 2dr/3dr should show that you are connected to Leavenworth repeater. (NOTE: The PDN will disconnect you after 10 minutes as a default setting in your Wires-X software. The user must go up to (File, Settings, General Settings) to change the Time Out Timer (TOT) to a longer time.)

Locally Produced Helpful Fusion and Wires-X Files courtesy of the Kansas City Room

Setting up APRS in your FTM-400

Running down the road? Let others keep track of you while you’re mobile by activating your built-in Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS).

There are a ton of settings, but, once all the configuration is done, the only one you need to remember is how to turn the APRS Modem on and off.

A detail APRS Instruction Manual is available on Yaesu.com.

Key variable: Set the B-Band for 144.390 MHz simplex. That’s pretty much the national APRS frequency.

– 5 APRS Modem: On
– 16 DIGI Path Select: Wide1-1, Wide 2-1
– 23 Callsign (APRS): -7 HT, -8 land mobile, -9 mobile applications
– 26 My position Set: GPS

Unless changes have been made to your radio, the default settings for items not mentioned above should be adequate for operation. There are customizing options you may want to consider for your convenience and comfort:
– 3 APRS Filter: Customize the APRS messages you want to appear on screen
– 6 APRS Mute: Turns off the braaaaaap sound so APRS operates quietly
– 28 My symbol: Sets how you will appear on teh APRS.fi map. /> car, /R recreational vehicle, YY Yaesu radio
– 29 Position Comment: Additional information about your status when your position is sent
– 30 Smartbeaconing: Set this to use the frequency efficiently but not missing any turns.

Sending Pictures NOT Taken with a Camera Mic

Tutorial: YouTube Tutorial
Photo Converter Software: FTM400_Prog.zip
Instruction Sheet (English): Instruction Sheet

These instructions and software will enable you to take a picture with a digital camera and put them in a format your C4FM radio can recognize and send. Unfortunately, you cannot just load pictures from your computer to the SD card, put the SD card in your radio, and access them from your FTM-400, 300, etc. You need to convert them and add the proper index which the FTM400_prog.zip software will do for you.

You can resize your camera photos using your favorite photo editing software. If you don’t have a Photoshop-like program, the task can be done with Paint which is included in Windows 7 and 10. Pictures of 320 x 240 work great. Also 160 x 120 will work. If your photo software has an option to “Save for the Web”, use that to make your photo file size small. This will allow you to send a perfectly readable photo much faster than a larger-filesize version of the same photo.

Locating your Radio ID:

FTM-100: Disp -> GM -> 3 Radio ID
FTM-400: SETUP -> GM -> 3. Radio ID

Turning Personal Data Node (PDN) on and off:

FT2DR and FT3DR: Press and hold the [X] key, [BAND] key and the POWER switch to turn the transceiver on. PDN is displayed on the LCD screen.

FTM-100 and FTM-400: Press and hold the [DX] key and the POWER switch to turn on the transceiver on. The radio will only load to the first page on the LCD screen.

To turn off any mode: Switch radio off and repeat above steps.

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