Wires-X Instructions

Connecting to a Room or Node
– Set your radio to C4FM DN mode.
– Announce your intentions: “This is <callsign> activating Wires-X.”
– Activate Wires-X by holding the DX button until your radio beeps.
– You can then see if the node is already connected to another node or room.
– If not connected, feel free to search and connect as desired.

Disconnecting from a Room or Node
– While in Wires-X and while the frquency is quiet:
   Press and hold the microphone * (star) key until the radio sends the disconnect command.
– Your screen should verify the node is no longer connected.
– Disconnect from Wires- to kep from reconnecting when you key up again.

Disconnecting from Wires-X
– Press and hold the DX button until your radio acknolwedges it is no longer in Wires-X mode.

Connecting from a Remote Location via PDN
– To utilize the Personal Data Node (PDN) function of your FT2dr or FT3dr you must have the Wires-X software installed on your computer and have received a personal node number from Yaesu’s Wires-X Registration site.  
– Connect the HT to the computer with your SCU-19 cable. The appropriate drivers fort the cable can be downloaded from the Yaesu website
– Activate Wires-X by:
– Turn FT2DR of FT3DR off.
– Enter PDN mode by holding the “BAND” and “X” button while pushing the power button. This will bring you into the PDN mode. (NOTE: in order to exit the mode, the user must turn off the radio, the turn it back on while again holding the “BAND” and “X” buttons while pressing the power button.) 
– Open the Wires-X software on your computer. Once in the Wires-X software, press the “X” on your 2dr/3dr and it will connect you automatically to a room (most likely your last Wires-X room you connected to when you were using a repeater).
– Go to the top of the Wires-X page on your computer and press on the “Connect(C)” label. It will drop down a selection of “Connect To(T)”. Select the “Connect To(T)” and a window will pop up where you will enter the Leavenworth node number. Type in the number 36775 and hit “ok” and it will connect you to the Leavenworth W0ROO repeater. Your 2dr/3dr should show that you are connected to Leavenworth repeater. (NOTE: The PDN will disconnect you after 10 minutes as a default setting in your Wires-X software. The user must go up to (File, Settings, General Settings) to change the Time Out Timer (TOT) to a longer time.)