Setting up APRS in your FTM-400

Running down the road? Let other keep track of you while you’re mobile by activating your built-in Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS).

There are a ton of settings, but, once all the configuration is done, the only one you need to remember is how t turn the APRS Modem on and off.

A detail APRS Instruction Manual is available on

Key variable: Set the B-Band for 144.390 MHz simplex. That’s pretty much the national APRS frequency.

Set-up stuff to know when in SETUP -> APRS:

  • 5 APRS Modem: On
  • 16 DIGI Path Select: Wide1-1, Wide 2-1
  • 23 Callsign (APRS): -7 HT, -8 land mobile, -9 mobile applications
  • 26 My position Set: GPS

Unless changes have been made to your radio, the default settings for items not mentioned above should be adequate for operation. There are customizing options you may want to consider for your convenience and comfort:

  • 3 APRS Filter: Customize the APRS messages you want to appear on screen
  • 6 APRS Mute: Turns off the braaaaaap sound so APRS operates quietly
  • 28 My symbol: Sets how you will appear on teh map. /> car, /R recreational vehicle, YY Yaesu radio
  • 29 Position Comment: Additional information about your status when your position is sent
  • 30 Smartbeaconing: Set this to use the frequency efficiently but not missing any turns.