JARA Room Established

The W├śROO repeater is now connected to a newly established JARA room (DTMF 46775). You can no longer connect directly to the repeater. The Repeater is connected by default to the JARA Room so it will not accept any other connections.

If connecting via Wires-X via 444.800+ DN, you will notice the repeater (a.k.a LEAVNWORTH) is already connected to the JARA room. Everyone who connects to the repeater can activate Wires-X but check on-the-air before taking the repeater out of the JARA room. You can connect anywhere you like, but as a courtesy, please put the repeater back into the JARA room when finished. If you forget, the repeater will automatically return to the JARA room after 30 minutes.

If connecting via Wires-X over the Internet, you will be connected to the JARA room and, unless the repeater has been connected elsewhere, you’ll be able to talk with everyone else connected to the JARA room including anyone listening over-the-air. If someone over-the-air moves the repeater to another room, you will still be connected to the JARA room and anyone else still connected to the JARA room.