JARA-KS Room EMG Function

While connected to the JARA-KS Room, a Wires-X-connected user can leave an emergency voice message. That message will automatically play back every five minutes for two hours. If another message is left as an emergency message, only the most recent message will be heard.

To Record an Emergency Voice Message:
– Connect to JARA-KS Room via Wires-X
– Touch the room name (JARA-KS)
– Touch Emergency
– Push-to-Talk and watch your screen. It will tell you when you are recording and how much time you have left.
– Listen for your recording. It should play back soon.

To delete a recording:
– Ain’t happenin’. The only way an Emergency Voice Message gets deleted is at the console (currently located at the QTH of NJØP) or via remote console.
– If’n you really want to delete a recording, simply record a new, blank message.