Survey Says?

We’ve been addressing Yaesu Fusion C4FM topics every Sunday evening since June 7, 2020. Seems we’ve covered everything, so a survey of net participants was sent out and results reviewed on our January 31st net.
Results of the Survey

The predominate topics to be addressed on future nets are:

  • Wires-X (any aspect)
  • Firmware Updates
  • Simplex Operations using Fusion
  • Creative Memory Usage
  • Data Port Use
  • Back-Ups and Programming Software

The most popular radio is the FTM-400 series closely followed by the FTM-100DR. Between the 9 respondents, there were 32 Fusion-capable radios. That’s 3.5 radios per person.

Rick-NJØP remains a popular net control station for the Sunday UHF Fusion net. The net is fast-moving but that must be part of the popularity. We run an on-time railroad.