JARA Hosts Buffalo Chip Net!

An authentic Buffalo Chip

Now that the VHF side of the repeater (145.33/- 151.4 Hz) is up and operating, the first net of the year will take place starting at the stroke of midnight, January 1, 2021 on our repeater. For nearly fourty years, the NØKOA repeater, located at the David Funeral Chapel in Leavenworth, hosted the Annual Buffalo Chip Net (BCN), the first net of the year. Davis Moulden, WBØYNE, SK, was the originator of the net and conservator of the 145.33 repeater which was a Leavenworth mainstay. Over time, the health of the repeater declined in proportion to its keeper. Recently, the repeater remnants have been transferred to the Jarbalo Amateur Radio Assn (JARA) and now co-located with our VHF repeater. We hope to once again have the huge turn-out we once enjoyed for the annual BCN. Please help us get the word out.

Note: JARA members are asked to avoid use of the UHF repeater during the BCN. The repeaters share a single transmitter and the UHF repeater is priority due to its interconnection to WIRES-X.