JARA is proud to display our current configuration. We now have two Yaesu Fusion DR-2X repeaters. The UHF (444.800 + T00R00) and VHF (145.33 – 151.4/T00R00) repeaters are now independent and no longer share a single transmitter. This is especially handy on Sunday evenings when we have back-to-back nets that often overlap. Plus, we no longer have to plead to stay off one repeater as we operate a net on the other. Our current configuration is clean, professional looking, and works well. There’s plenty of upgrades on the horizon, but for now, this is the best we’ve had it. Many thanks to Saint John Hospital for allowing us to use their facility as our repeater site. Also, thanks to JARA members who have worked tirelessly to get us to this point. In five years, we went from one dead analog UHF repeater to what we have now.

Kudos to Vic-KEØSYO and Randy-KØAWW who participated in getting everything installed in the rack.