Pi-Star Node Back Up

After a long-term Spectrum outage and then Microsoft pushing an update which kicked Wires-X off the node, problems have been resolved and the node was back on the air on Monday, June 28.

The pi-star node is a Wires-X to PiStar air gap which requires two Internet connections. Since the network at NJØP was already supporting a household and Wires-X, the pi-star node was placed in a location on Fort Leavenworth with very low usage on a 200 MBPS downlink.

Basically, any signals heard in our Wires-X JARA Room are relayed to the PiStar JARA Room and visa versa. Until we figure out how to do all that without a UHF simplex jump from one room to the other, we’re using this lash-up which is susceptible to interruption.

Wires-X Node – – – > UHF air gap < – – – PiStar Node