Wires-X Use Encouraged

The JARA repeater is connected to the Kansas City Room via Wires-X node. You are welcome and encouraged to engage Wires-X mode on our repeater and connect to other parts of the world. After 20 minutes of local inactivity, the repeater will automatically revert back to the Kansas City Room.

To engage Wires-X, your radio must be in either DN or VW voice mode. Identify yourself and say that you are “connecting to the Leavenworth Repeater via Wires-X”. This will alert any local operators that you are about to take the repeater for a spin. It will also alert the other 9 or so repeaters in the room that you are about to take the Leavenworth repeater temporarily out of the network.

Arrow points to the DX button.

After your announcement, press and hold the DX button on your radio until you get a beep. In a short time, you’ll get the Wires-X connection screen. If you’ve never used Wires-X, navigate to Search All. At that point, you’ll get a listing of all available nodes, rooms and users available. Select one and you are connected to that entity. To abandon that connection, go back to search and select another.

Try all the features of Wires-X, including voicemail, picture transfer, and messaging. Then, join us on our weekly JARA net at 7 PM Central on 444.800+ (151.4) and tell us about your experience.

Note: Other Kansas City Room repeater operators prefer that you not use Wires-X to change any settings on their repeaters. So, please make sure you’re on the Leavenworth repeater before using Wires-X features. 73 de Rick, NJØP