St. John Hospital

Why St. John Hospital

There are 3 reasons why St. John Hospital has been requested to be home for this repeater: the supported clientele, location of the hospital, community supported.


StJohn-FrontThe KC HEART project has provided for intra-KC and regional communications capability on frequencies that will bear a lot of traffic. St. John Hospital needs a system that provides less structure and more flexibility than the regional and county-wide solutions. This repeater system supports just the amateur radio communications for St John Hospital and its environment. It is not under the purview of the Office of Emergency Management unless in the unlikely event that office declares a civil emergency.


StJohn-MapSt. John Hospital is located in a perfect geographic position for radio operations that provide great service to its surrounding area, link to its sister hospital Providence Hospital, yet limit coverage beyond its local area to reduce likelihood of interference.

Community Supported

The Radio Amateurs that use the repeater are highly dedicated volunteer communicators who have a wide range of professional experience. Their common bond is that they are willing to respond with their own assets, training, and time to assist with proven communications when other forms fail or become over stressed in emergency situations. The volunteers conduct a weekly nets on Sunday evening beginning at 7:00 pm each week to ensure the repeaters and their personal equipment are in good repair and ready for emergency use.