Serving Area

Serving Leavenworth – Lansing – Fort Leavenworth

Formerly atop Pilot Knob, this repeater system has undergone many upgrades and configuration changes.  Originally an iCom commercial FM repeater (reconditioned and ready to go as a back-up) the repeater is now a Yaesu DR-2X multi-mode (FM/C4FM) analog/digital system.  It serves the Amateur Radio Emergency Services in the cities of Leavenworth and Lansing, and Fort Leavenworth.  Its role is to provide an alternative channel that can handle local voice conversations offload from the wider-area Emergency Management repeater (KS0LV/R 147.0 MHz).  The JARA repeater, in C4FM,  will also transfer photos, text messages, and digital files, and GPS telemetry.

As an independently operated system, this repeater can be specifically designated for Kansas City Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Team (KC Heart)support whenever required for radio operator training, scheduled nets, and emergencies.  Support to St. John Hospital would be the primary service.  General radio amateur use would be secondary.

Coverage Area

St. John Hospital has a very advantageous radio platform on the roof. UHF propagation is line-of-sight so if you can see it from the roof, this repeater will cover that area. Providence Hospital, as well as Leavenworth VA, Munson Army Community Hospital, Leavenworth County directly south to I-70, east to Platte City, north to Fort Leavenworth, and west to 195th Street are all within the full-coverage footprint. Longer distant quality communications to other than hilltop areas are possible but should not be considered as part of the radio footprint.