Kansas City Room

Current Fusion Repeaters that are normally all linked together in the Kansas City Room  #28952  Please note: The intent is to provide a good radio network for the community. There are times where some repeaters disconnect from the KC room for local nets, or to help with public service events, etc. Repeaters are listed mostly north to south.
St. Joseph, 442.750
Odessa, 443.000 (In Test) (Not Linked to the KC room just yet. Should be soon)
Smithville, 146.925
Platte County, 444.550
Stadium, 145.490,
KC Zoo, 444.700
Plaza, 443.275
KU Med, 442.325
Basehor, 145.390  
Topeka, 444.725,
Shawnee, East 442.600  
Shawnee, West 442.00, 
OP North, 146.910
OP South, 443.725 
Lee’s Summit, 147.315    
Olathe North, 444.250
Olathe South, 444.400
Spring Hill, 442.250
Harrisonville, 443.700  
Louisburg, 145.410  
Warsaw, 147.300  
Nevada, 444.225,
Total = 22 repeaters

As of January 5, 2021